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Senecio de Paul Klee

Nombre del artista:Paul Klee
Foto(s) del artista:

Información sobre el artista:
Paul Klee was born in Münchenbuchsee, near Bern, Switzerland, in a family of musicians, a German father
and a Swiss mother. From his father he obtained German citizenship, which he would use all his life, since S
witzerland refused to give him citizenship after his exile during the Nazi persecution. He studied art in Munich
with Heinrich Knirr and Franz von Stuck. At seventeen he painted ink My room (1896)
Klee worked in oil, watercolor, ink and other materials, usually combining them in a single job. His paintings
often refer to poetry, music and dreams, and sometimes include words or musical notes.
Returning from a trip to Italy, he settled in Munich, where he met Vasili Kandinski, Franz Marc and other
avant-garde figures, and partnered with the Blaue Reiter.

Nombre del cuadro: Senecio de Paul Klee
Fotografía del cuadro:

Información sobre el cuadro:This painting was made in 1922 by Paul Klee.

this painting is in Basel Kunst museum .The work that occupies us here and that appears titled by the artist himself as
Senecio (a nod to the philosopher Socrates and the name of a poisonous flower) would belong to this last artistic current.
The work would date from the decade of the twenties, around the year 1922 and it is an almost quadrangular oil - it is
just over forty centimeters wide and thirty eight in height - made in oil on cardboard with a plaster primer and gauze.

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